Eragrostis lanipes

Eragrostis lanipes C. E. Hubbard. Bull.
Misc. Inform. Kew
1934: 449 (1934).

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily Chloridoideae. Cynodonteae.

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: Western
Australia: Tenindewa, between Geraldtown and Mullewa,
Palmer s.n..

Recent synonyms:
E. clelandii.

Key references
(books and floras):
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Central Australia
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Perennial. Culms erect or geniculately ascending, 15–90 cm tall. Leaves mostly
basal. Ligule a fringe of hairs, 0.8 mm long. Leaf-blades straight, flat or
involute, 5–10 cm long, 1–3 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface smooth or scabrous.

Inflorescence compound, a panicle. Panicle ovate, 5–20 cm long, contracted
about primary branches or contracted about secondary branches.

Spikelets sessile or pedicelled. Fertile spikelets many flowered, with at least
2 fertile florets (5–10(-20)), comprising 5–10(–20) fertile floret(s), with
diminished florets at the apex, oblong or ovate, laterally compressed, 2.5–10
mm long.

Glumes. Glumes
similar. Lower glume elliptic, membranous, keeled, 1-keeled, 1 -nerved. Upper
glume elliptic, 1.3–2 mm long, membranous, keeled, 1-keeled, 1 -nerved.

Fertile lemma 1.5–2.3 mm long, keeled, 3 -nerved. Lemma apex mucronate.
Lodicules present. Anthers 3.

: Australasia.

: Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia.

Western Australia: Carnegie, Helms,
Ashburton, Carnarvon, Austin. Irwin. Northern Territory:
Central Australia South. South
: North-western, Lake Eyre, Nullabor, Gairdner-Torrens Basin.

Distinguishing characters include late-deciduous glumes; florets falling entire
downwards; hyaline palea, notched and ciliolate at apex, keels with tangled
unequal hairs, flaps relatively wide; caryopsis turgid, trigonous, concave;
lemmas mucronate, gibbous, hairy, often as wide as long; glumes ciliate on
margins; rootbase woolly.

distribution is from near Carnarvon on the W coast to E of Wiluna, and also
near Derby to the N, W.A., and in S.A. from the Great Sandy Desert S to the N
edge of the Nullarbor Plain. In deep, red sands and lateritic soils of
dunefields and sandplains.; flowers July-Oct.; fruits July-Oct.

AVH 2011


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