x Cynochloris

xCynochloris Proc. Royal Soc. Queensland
65:46 (1964).

From the generic names of the parent genera, Cynodon and Chloris.

revisions, nomenclatural references:
. B.K.Simon, Austrobaileya 1:
455–467 (1982).

Key references
(keys and floras):
. B.K.Simon, Key to Australian Grasses 88 (1993);
D.Sharp and B.K.Simon, AusGrass (2002); K.Mallet (ed.), Flora of
44B: Poaceae 3: 300–301 (2005).

Native, endemic. 2
species, from south-eastern Queensland.

Perennial, stoloniferous or tufted or decumbent. Leaf blades narrow. Ligule an
unfringed membrane (ciliolate to ciliate) or a fringe of hairs.

Inflorescence of spicate main branches, digitate. Spikelet-bearing axes paired
or clustered (spikelets on one side of floresecence axis).

Spikelets laterally compressed, 2 flowered, with 1 fertile floret, solitary,
subsessile or pedicelled; with naked rachilla extension. Fertile spikelets
laterally compressed, disarticulating above glumes.

Glumes. Glumes
unequal or more or less equal, about equal to spikelet, long relative to
adjacent lemmas, hairless, glabrous or scabrous, pointed (acute), awnless, keeled,
similar. Lower glume relatively smooth, 1 nerved. Upper glume 1 nerved.

Fertile florets 1. Lemmas decidedly firmer than glumes, smooth, not becoming
indurated, incised, awned, 3 nerved, 1 keeled. Awns 1, hairless (scabrous),
much shorter than body of lemma. Palea relatively long, 2 nerved, 2 keeled.
Palea keels scabrous or hairy. Distal incomplete florets 1, underdeveloped.
Callus short, blunt. Lodicules 2. Stamens 3. Stigmas 2.

Kranz Anatomy.

Chloridoideae; Cynodonteae.

Notes. A hybrid
genus of 2 hybrid species (x C. macivorii (Cynodon dactylon
x Chloris divaricata) and x C. reynoldensis (Cynodon dactylon
x Chloris ventricosa) occurring in South-eastern Queensland (B.K.Simon).

Types Species.
X C. macivorii Clifford & Everist.

. Clifford & Simon 1981, Simon & Jacobs 1990: Endemic.

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