Fact Sheets

The descriptions of both genera and species produced from a DELTA database have been cut and paste to the fact sheets.  Each genus shows a generic distribution map sourced from the AVH website and uploaded to the fact sheet in 2011. Each entity has two distribution maps, the originals from AusGrass and the others from the AVH website.  This gives an indication of any changes in their distribution since the first map. In many cases the AVH data requires checking where distributions are not in agreement with information contained in the text, or is either known to be incorrect or appears to be so. A direct query of the AVH site enables one to track down the distribution of all specimens mapped in terms of the Australian herbaria where they are housed.  Any distribution point can be traced back to its voucher specimen and corrected where necessary.

All the scanned images from AusGrass have been placed on the AusGrass2 fact sheets in addition to others that have become available since AusGrass. These include libraries of grass images made available by Travis Columbus, John Hosking and John Thompson.

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