The taxonomic study of the Australian grasses is an ongoing process and continues to produce many changes of botanical names of grasses with established previous names. For example, all species of native Australian Stipa were moved to the new genus Austrostipa, and all species of Brachiaria are now placed in the genus Urochloa. Although AusGrass2 uses the most recently accepted names, many species that have undergone recent name changes are still better known by previous names (synonyms).

The synonym table is arranged into three columns of names. The first column has a list of all botanical names, those in bold being accepted names and those in italics being synonyms. The third column contains the accepted names for the synonyms listed in the first column. Where other common synonyms are known from their use in current reference works on the Australian flora, they are listed in the middle column. All names cross link to the fact sheets of the species under the currently accepted name.

A full synonomy of each species, including all the names that have ever been used for it in Australian literature, will be published in the Flora of Australia.

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