Prime acknowledgement must be attributed to Donovan Sharp for the dedication and effort he spent in assembling, compiling and cross linking the data for the first version (AusGrass), without which it would have been impossible to have compiled AusGrass2.

All the character and map images from AusGrass compiled by Will Smith of the Queensland Herbarium, were incorporated in AusGrass2 in a separate directory.  Hopefully they will also be able to be used within a future online interactive key.

In 2011 ABRS have provided a small grant to assist with the uploading of data by Yucely Alfonso.

Thanks to David Cantrill, for granting authority on behalf of CHAH for the AVH distribution maps for all species and infra-specific taxa.

Thanks to Marta Brosynska, Travis Columbus, Lynn Gillespie, John Hosking, Sheldon Navie, John Thompson, and Maria Vorontsova for scanned images of new photographs.

Scratchpads developed and conceived by (alphabetical): Ed Baker, Katherine Bouton Alice Heaton Dimitris Koureas, Laurence Livermore, Dave Roberts, Simon Rycroft, Ben Scott, Vince Smith