Hordeum murinum*

Hordeum murinum* Linn. Sp. Pl.
85. (1753).

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily Pooideae.
Tribe Triticeae.

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: Habitat in Europae locis ruderatis,

LT: specimen 3 of
Hordeum in the Clifford Herbarium
, LT designated by Baum & Jarvis, Taxon
34: 529 (1985). Bowden, Can. J. Bot. 40: 1695 (1960) considered
LINN-103.8 to be the type.

Recent synonyms:
Critesion murinum.

Key references
(books and floras):
[1878] G.Bentham, Flora Australiensis 7 (669),
[1952] C.A.Gardner, Flora of Western Australia 1 Gramineae (200),
[2002] D.Sharp & B.K.Simon, AusGrass, Grasses of Australia, [2009]
A.Wilson (ed.). Flora of Australia, Vol 44A. Poaceae 2 (116).

[1952] C.A.Gardner, Flora of Western Australia 1 Gramineae (199,
Pl. 59).

Habit. Annual.
Culms 6–60 cm tall, 3–5 -noded. Ligule an eciliate membrane, 0.5–1 mm long,
hyaline. Leaf-blades 2–20 cm long, 2–8 mm wide.

Inflorescence solid, a spike. Rhachis fragile at the nodes.

Spikelets sessile, 1 in the cluster. Companion spikelets pedicelled, 2 in the
cluster. Companion spikelets developed, containing empty lemmas or male, 5–9 mm
long. Fertile spikelets 1-flowered, comprising 1 fertile floret(s), without
rachilla extension, lanceolate, dorsally compressed, 6–10 mm long.

Glumes. Glumes
similar. Lower glume subulate or oblong, cartilaginous or indurate. Lower glume
apex awned. Upper glume subulate, 20–30 mm long.

Fertile lemma 7–14 mm long, 5 -nerved. Lemma apex awned, 1 -awned. Median
(principal) awn 15–45 mm long overall. Anthers 3.

: Australasia.

: Tasmania.

Tasmania: North
West, East Coast.

AVH 2011

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