Hordeum hystrix*

Hordeum hystrix* Roth. Catal. Bot. 1: 23 (1797).

(GPWG 2001) : Subfamily Pooideae. Tribe Triticeae.

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: Habitat in Hispania --- Semina hujus graminis ante
aliquot annos inter Passulas majores legi --- ex horto amici Roth [Mertens],

HT: (LE).
"Hordeum hystrix mihi".

IST: F.C. Mertens,
-- Scrips s.n.
, no date, Spain (US-730911).

IST: (L).

Recent synonyms:
Hordeum geniculatum, Critesion hystrix.

Key references
(books and floras):
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Habit. Annual.
Culms erect or geniculately ascending, 6–35 cm tall. Leaf-sheath auricles
absent. Ligule an eciliate membrane, 0.25–0.5 mm long, hyaline. Leaf-blades
flat, 1–6 cm long, (0.75–)2–3.25 mm wide.

Inflorescence solid, a spike. Rhachis fracturing into irregular segments.

Spikelets sessile. Fertile spikelets 8.5–11.5 mm long.

Glumes. Lower
glume subulate or oblong, chartaceous or cartilaginous. Lower glume apex awned.

Fertile lemma 9–11.5 mm long. Lemma apex awned. Median (principal) awn 6–10 mm
long overall.

: Europe and Australasia.

: Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South
Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.

Western Australia:
Irwin, Drummond, Dale, Menzies. South Australia: Nullabor, Northern
Lofty, Yorke Peninsula, Southern Lofty, Kangaroo Island, South-eastern. Queensland:
Burnett, Moreton. New South Wales: Central Coast, Northern Tablelands,
Central Tablelands, Southern Tablelands, Central-Western Slopes, South-Western
Slopes, South-Western Plains. Victoria: East Gippsland, Eastern
Highlands, Gippsland Plain, Grampians, Lowan Mallee, Midlands, Murray Mallee,
Otway Plain, Wilsons Promontory, Riverina, Volcanic Plain, Wannon, Wimmera. Tasmania:
North West, North East, West Coast.

Hordeum hystrix has, in the past, been confused with H. marinum,
but differs from this species by its non-winged inner glumes of lateral
spikelets, and its posession of trichomes up to 0.5 mm long on the sheaths of
lower leaves.

all states and territories except N.T. Said to be a widely distributed weed of
disturbed, sandy (and often saline) soils. Flowers Sept.-Jan.

AVH 2011


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