Setaria pumila subsp. subtessalata

Setaria pumila subsp. subtessalata
(Buse) B.K. Simon. Austrobaileya 8: 215

Basionym and/or
Replacement Name:
 Setaria glauca
subsp. subtesselata Buse, Pl. Jungh. 3:369 (1854).

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: lecto: Junghuhn s.n.: L , fide
J.F.Veldkamp, Blumea 39: 380 (1994).

Recent synonyms: S. pumila subsp. pallide-fusca
(Scumach.) B.K.Simon.

: Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales,
Norfolk I.

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