Cynodon aethiopicus*

Cynodon aethiopicus* W. D. Clayt.
& Harlan. Kew Bull. 24: 187

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily
Chloridoideae. Cynodonteae.

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: Ethiopia,
de Wet OKLA9224 (HT: K).

Key references
(books and floras):
[2002] D.Sharp & B.K.Simon, AusGrass, Grasses of

Habit. Perennial. Rhizomes absent. Stolons present. Culms erect or
geniculately ascending, 40–140 cm tall, 1.5–6 mm diam., woody. Ligule a fringed
membrane, a ciliolate membrane or a ciliate membrane, 0.3–0.5 mm long.
Leaf-blades conduplicate, 3–26 cm long, 3–7 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface
scaberulous, glabrous or indumented.

Inflorescence digitate, with spicate branches. Racemes spreading, straight.

Spikelets sessile. Fertile spikelets 1-flowered, comprising 1 fertile
floret(s), without rachilla extension, ovate, laterally compressed, 2.5–3 mm

Glumes. Glumes
similar, thinner than fertile lemma. Lower glume lanceolate, herbaceous,
keeled, 1-keeled, 1 -nerved. Upper glume lanceolate, 1.4–2.6 mm long,
herbaceous, keeled, 1-keeled, 1 -nerved.

Fertile lemma 2.5–3 mm long, keeled, wingless, 3 -nerved. Palea 2 -nerved.

Continental Distribution:
Africa, Australasia, and Pacific.

: Queensland.

Cook, Darling Downs, Moreton, Wide
Bay, Burke, North


 In Australia, C. aethiopicus
may be distinguished from C. nlemfuensis by the stiffer outspread spikes
or racemes, slightly longer spikelets with stiffer hairs on the lemma keels,
and the more frequent occurrence of 2 or more distinct whorls in the
inflorescence, though one is known. C. nlemfuensis usually has one, or
two close together, and var. nlemfuensis also differs from C.
in the herbaceous rather than woody culms. The diploid race of C.
crosses with C. nlemfuensis var. nlemfuensis, and
the tetraploid race crosses with C. dactylon var. dactylon.

scattered occurrences in near coastal Qld; endemic to eastern Africa - Ethiopia to South
Africa (Transvaal),
mainly in the rift valleys. Introduced elsewhere. Grows in disturbed areas such
as drains and old experimental plots.

AVH 2011

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