Urochloa holosericea subsp. holosericea

Urochloa holosericea subsp. holosericea

: Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland.

Notes. Certain
forms of U. holosericea subsp. holosericea lack the
characteristic awn on the lower lemma and possess a slightly oblique pedial
apex. As a result, these specimens vaguely resemble U. argentea, which
has a similar pattern of indumentum. Specific specimens are B.Rice 3140
(CANB), P.K.Latz 2775 (CANB), and S.T.Blake 8480 (BRI).

W.A., N.T., and Qld. In tropical and subtropical
sub-humid woodlands and coastal grasslands. Flowers Oct.-May

AVH 2011

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