Triodia marginata

Triodia marginata N. T.
Burbidge. Austral.
J. Bot.

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily
Chloridoideae. Triodeae.

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: Australia: Queensland: southwest Queensland,
Cunnamulla, 18 Oct 1949, K.C. Baker 865 (HT: CANB).

Key references
(books and floras):
[2002] D.Sharp & B.K.Simon, AusGrass, Grasses of

Perennial. Stolons present. Culms 100–150 cm tall. Mid-culm internodes
glabrous. Leaf-sheaths glabrous on surface. Ligule a fringe of hairs.
Leaf-blades curved or flexuous, aciculate, flat or conduplicate, 25 cm long,
2.5 mm wide.

Inflorescence compound, a panicle. Panicle ovate, 5.5–18 cm long, 4–9 cm wide.

Spikelets pedicelled. Fertile spikelets many flowered, with at least 2 fertile
florets (5–11), comprising 5–11 fertile floret(s), with diminished florets at
the apex, lanceolate or ovate, laterally compressed or terete, 5–20 mm long.

Glumes similar, thinner than fertile lemma. Lower glume oblong, chartaceous or
scarious or cartilaginous, without keels, 3(–7) -nerved. Lower glume surface
glabrous or indumented. Lower glume apex muticous. Upper glume oblong, (3–)6–8
mm long, chartaceous or scarious or cartilaginous, without keels, 3(–7)
-nerved. Upper glume surface glabrous or indumented. Upper glume apex entire or
lobed, muticous.

Fertile lemma 4.5–7 mm long, without keel or keeled, 9–12 -nerved. Lemma
surface indumented. Lemma apex lobed, muticous. Anthers 3.

: Australasia.

: Queensland, New South Wales.

Darling Downs, Maranoa, Warrego, Wide Bay, Mitchell. New South Wales:
North-Western Slopes.

Distinguished by its highly resinous foliage and panicle; closely flowered
rather turgid and broad spikelets; bitextured strongly marginate and often
woolly lemmas with prominent sometimes ciliate lobes; and long paleas relative
to the lemmas.

 Closely allied to T. mitchellii, but
differing chiefly in the morphology and shape of the spikelet.

southern Qld to the North Western Slopes of N.S.W. Deep or shallow,
sandy-clay-loam soils on mountain ranges, hillslopes, plains, tablelands,
flats, dunes, ridges, stony rises and disturbed sites; flowers all seasons.


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