Rytidosperma pumilum

Rytidosperma pumilum (Kirk) H.E. Connor & E. Edgar. New Zealand J. Bot. 25: 166

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily
Danthonioideae. Tribe Danthonieae.

Basionym and/or
Replacement Name:
 Atropis pumila
Kirk, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 14: 379 (1882).

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: LT: Petrie 920, New Zealand: Macraes, Otago,
1800 ft (WELT-39891). LT designated by Zotov, New Zealand J. Bot. 1: 125

Recent synonyms:
Erythranthera pumila.

Key references
(books and floras):
[2002] D.Sharp & B.K.Simon, AusGrass, Grasses of
, [2008] S.W.L.Jacobs, R.D.B.Walley & D.J.B.Wheeler, Grasses
of New South Wales
(265 as Erythranthera).

[2008] S.W.L.Jacobs, R.D.B.Whalley & D.J.B.Wheeler, Grasses of New South
, 4th edn (265 as Erythranthera).

Perennial. Culms 4–20 cm tall. Leaf-sheaths glabrous on surface or hairy.
Ligule a fringe of hairs. Leaf-blades erect, filiform, involute, 1–5 cm long,
0.5 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface glabrous.

Inflorescence solid, a panicle. Panicle linear, 1–4 cm long.

Spikelets pedicelled. Fertile spikelets many flowered, with at least 2 fertile
florets (24), comprising 2–4 fertile floret(s), with diminished florets at the
apex, lanceolate, laterally compressed, 5–7 mm long.

Glumes. Glumes
similar, thinner than fertile lemma. Lower glume lanceolate, membranous,
without keels, 3–5 -nerved. Upper glume lanceolate, 5–7 mm long, membranous,
without keels, 3–5 -nerved.

Fertile lemma 2–5 mm long, without keel, 5–7 -nerved. Lemma surface indumented.
Lemma apex dentate, muticous or mucronate. Median (principal) awn from a sinus.
Palea apex dentate. Lodicules present. Anthers 3.

: Australasia.

: New South Wales.

New South Wales:
Southern Tablelands.

Mt Kosciusko, also in South Island, New Zealand, altitude 2200 m, feldmark.
Flowers Jan.


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