Oxychloris scariosa

Oxychloris scariosa (F. Muell.) M.
Lazarides. Nuytsia 5: 283 (1985).

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily
Chloridoideae. Cynodonteae.

Basionym and/or
Replacement Name:
F. Muell., Fragm. 6: 85 (1867).

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: HT: Gregory s.n., Australia: Western
Australia: Eremean Prov: Stutr's Creek (MEL; IT: K).

Recent synonyms:
Chloris scariosa.

Key references
(books and floras):
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), [1952] C.A.Gardner, Flora of Western Australia 1 Gramineae
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Habit. Annual
or perennial. Culms 15–50 cm tall, (3–)5–7 -noded. Ligule a fringed membrane, a
ciliolate membrane, 0.5 mm long. Leaf-blades flat or involute or convolute,
5–16 cm long, 0.5–3.5 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface indumented.

Inflorescence digitate, with spicate branches.

Spikelets sessile. Fertile spikelets 1 or more flowered, with 1 fertile floret,
comprising 1 fertile floret(s), with diminished florets at the apex, cuneate,
laterally compressed, 1.8–6 mm long.

Glumes. Glumes
similar, thinner than fertile lemma. Lower glume linear or elliptic or oblong,
membranous, keeled, 1-keeled, 1 -nerved. Upper glume elliptic, 5–8 mm long,
membranous, keeled, 1-keeled, 1 -nerved.

Fertile lemma 2.5–5 mm long, keeled, winged on margins, 3 -nerved. Lemma apex
dentate, awned, 1 -awned. Median (principal) awn subapical, 5.5–8 mm long
overall. Anthers 3. Grain 1.3–2.1 mm long.

: Australasia.

: Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland,
New South Wales.

Western Australia:
Gardner, Hall. Mueller, Keartland, Fortescue, Ashburton. Northern Territory:
Darwin & Gulf, Victoria River, Barkly Tableland, Central Australia North,
Central Australia South. South Australia: Lake Eyre, Eastern. Queensland:
Burke, Cook, Gregory North, Leichhardt, Maranoa, Mitchell, North Kennedy, South
Kennedy, Warrego, Gregory South. New South Wales: North-Western Plains,
North Far Western Plains.

Distributed in all mainland States except Vic., but mostly in arid and lower
rainfall areas of the N.T. and Qld. Usually occurs on clay soils in
depressions, often with saline conditions, but also known from sandy and loamy
soils, especially in disturbed areas such as roadsides.


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 Oxychloris scariosa  

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