Ischaemum polystachyum

Ischaemum polystachyum J. & C.
Presl. C.B.Presl, Reliq. Haenk. 1: 328 (1830).

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily Panicoideae. Andropogoneae.

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: Mariana Islands:, Haenke
(IT: US-91463 (fragm.)).

Key references
(books and floras):
[1969] E.E.Henty, Manual Grasses New Guinea
(117), [2002] D.Sharp & B.K.Simon, AusGrass, Grasses of Australia.

Perennial. Culms sprawling, 120 cm tall. Lateral branches simple. Ligule an
eciliate membrane, 2 mm long. Leaf-blades 14 cm long, 14 mm wide. Leaf-blade
surface indumented.

Inflorescence digitate, with ramose branches.

Companion spikelets developed, male, 5.5 mm long. Fertile spikelets elliptic,
5.5 mm long.

Glumes. Lower
glume oblong, keeled, winged on keel, 12 -nerved. Upper glume oblong, 5
-nerved. Upper glume apex awned. Florets. Basal sterile florets 1.

Lemma apex awned.
Median (principal) awn 5 mm long overall.

: Tropical Asia, or Australasia.

: Queensland, Christmas Is,
Cocos Keeling Is, Ashmore Reef, Coral Sea Is.

Queensland: Cook.

Notes. The only
Australian record of this common New Guinea
species are from Duan Is. in the Torres Strait.
Flowers Feb.

AVH 2011


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