Aristida jerichoensis var. subspinulifera

Aristida jerichoensis var. subspinulifera
Henrard. Meded. Rijks-Herb. 58(A): 300 (1932).

Type of Basionym or Protologue Information: LT: J. H. Maiden s.n.,
May 1913, Australia: New South Wales: New
South Wales Plains, Nygan (K (photo, BRI); ILT: BRI, L, NSW). LT designated by
Simon, Austr. Syst. Bot. 5: 175 (1992).

: Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland,
New South Wales.

Notes. Extends
from central Queensland to southern New South Wales with small outlying distributions in Northern Territory and South Australia. Eucalyptus, mulga (Acacia
) and Triodia communities on redearths and clays. Flowering
and fruiting all year.

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