1. Tall robust plant to 2 m tall with a fulvous, fibrous base E. mackinlayi (NT WA QLD)
Plant less than 1.5 m tall; base not fulvous
or fibrous

2. Racemes more than 5, with pale brown hairs E. trispicata (QLD)
Racemes less than 5, with dark brown hairs 3




Spikelets c. 5 mm long 4 
Spikelets 2.5-3 mm long 6

Rhizomes elongated (to 6 cm long); racemes remaining closed at maturity, with brown hairs E. sp. (Three Rivers Station, B.Forsyth AQ6789133)
Rhizomes absent or very short; racemes opening up at maturity 5
Racemes with brown hairs E. aurea (NSW VIC NT SA WA QLD)
E. fulva
Racemes with white hairs E. sp. (Jindy, JMR-MM 140)
6. Perennial E. sp. A (Sabai Island J.R.Clarkson 7801)(QLD)
Decumbent to weakly tufted annual E. annua (NT WA QLD)

Key to Eulalia derived from Tothill and Hacker 1983; Simon 1989b

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