1. Spikelets (excluding awns) 5-10 mm long; lemma with lobes to 2.5 mm  long 2
Spikelets (excluding awns) 2.5-5 mm long; lemma entire at apex or with lobes to 1.5 mm long 5

2. Inflorescence stiffly erect, twice or less than twice as long as broad E.  intermedius (NSW QLD)
Inflorescence nodding or inclined, three or more times longer than broad 3

3. Spikelets 7-10 mm long E. cheelii (NSW VIC)
Spikelets 5-7 mm long 4

4. Inflorescence up to 3.5 cm long E. nutans var. nutans (NSW QLD)
Inflorescence more than 4.5 cm long E. nutans var. major (NSW)

5. Awns up to 3 mm long or lemma mucronate 6
Awns 4-15 mm long 7

6. Spikelets 2.5-3.5 mm long; lemma with awn to 3 mm long E. mckiei (NSW)
Spikelet 3.5-4 mm long; lemma with a mucro to 1.5 mm long E. phleoides (NSW)

7. Culms 2-4 noded; tufted; leaf-blades erect 8
Culms 3-7 noded; rhizotamous; leaf-blades spreading or deflexed E. ovatus (NSW VIC TAS SA WA QLD)
E. ovatus var. pubiglumis

8. Glumes glabrous except for ciliate upper part of keel E. caespitosus var. caespitosus (NSW VIC QLD)
Glumes shortly pubescent with a conspicuously ciliate keel E. caespitosus var. cunninghamii (NSW)

Key to Echinopogon derived from Hubbard 1935a

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