1. Lower glume a membrane to 0.5 mm long *E. meyeriana (QLD)
Lower glume reduced to a cup-like ring at spikelet base 2
2. Spikelets with apices drawn out into bristles 3
Spikelets with apices acute to acuminate 5
3. Spikelets 9.5-14 mm long (including bristle) E. longiflora (NSW NT SA QLD)
Spikelets less than 9 mm long 4
4. Spikelets 6-9.4 mm long; annual E. australiensis (NSW NT SA WA QLD)
Spikelets 4-6 mm long; usually perennial E. pseudoacrotricha (NSW VIC NT SA WA QLD)
5. Spikelets lightly overlapping on racemes, 3.7-5 mm long E. crebra (NSW NT SA QLD)
Spikelets ±loose on racemes, 3-3.7 mm long 6
6. Slender perennial E. procera (NSW NT WA QLD)
Decumbent annual

E. fatmensis (NT WA QLD)

E. decumbens

Key to Eriochloa derived from Vickery 1961; Webster 1987

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