1. Inflorescence compactly capitate; ovate or
conical to globose
Inflorescence spiciform or loosely
contracted; linear, lanceolate or oblong

2. Dorsal lemma hairs exceeding base of awns;
axilliary spikelets or panicles usually present
E. caerulescens (NT SA WA)
Dorsal lemma hairs shorter than or subequal
to base of awns; axilliary spikelets or panicles usually present

3. Awns of lemma distinctly longer than body
of lemma; culms usually simple, to 107cm
E. robustissimus (NT SA WA QLD)
E. clelandii
Awns of lemma shorter than or subequal to
body of lemma; culms often strongly branched, to 66cm
E. lindleyanus (NT SA WA QLD)
E. oblongus, E. pubescens

4. Basal palea cartilaginous, glabrous on body 5
Basal palea membranous, hairy on body 6

5. Basal lemma as wide as long; second floret well developed E. decipiens (NT WA QLD)
Basal lemma longer than wide; second floret much smaller than first E. eremophilus (NT QLD)

6. Culms disarticulating at nodes E. cylindricus (NSW NT SA WA QLD)
E. asperatus
Culms not disarticulating at nodes 7

7. Body of basal lemma with appressed hairs on
its entire surface; palea keels entirely ciliate
E. virens (NSW QLD)
Body of basal lemma with spreading or erect
hairs in lower 1/3-1/2; palea keels partly glabrous

8. Body of basal lemma obscured by dorsal
hairs which exceed base of awns
Body of basal lemma partly exposed as
dorsal hairs do not or scarcely reach base of awns

9. Florets usually 2, 1 bisexual; upper
florets crowded distally
E. polyphyllus (NSW NT SA WA QLD)
Florets usually 3-5, 2-3 bisexual; upper
florets not crowded

10. Glumes usually more than 13-nerved; panicle
often loosely contracted
E. avenaceus (NSW VIC NT SA WA QLD)
Glumes usually 5-13-nerved; panicle
E. intermedius (NSW NT SA WA QLD)

11. Body of basal lemma cartilaginous to
indurated, nerves scarcely ribbed
Body of basal lemma membranous, nerves

12. Body of basal palea pubescent in lower
1/2-2/3, glabrous above
E. purpurascens (WA NT)
E. glaber, E. planifolius
Body of basal palea entirely pubescent 13

13. Body of basal lemma wider than long,
1.6-2.2mm long; lower glume 9-15-nerved
E. gracilis (NSW VIC QLD)
Body of basal lemma as wide as long,
2.0-3.4mm long; lower glume 7-9-nerved
E. pallidus (NT WA QLD)

14. Basal lemma deeply corrugated by strongly ribbed nerves E. truncatus (NSW QLD)
E. flavescens auct.
Basal lemma with thinly ribbed nerves, not corrugated 15

15. Glumes 3.5-8.0mm long; panicle 1-2cm wide,
linear-oblong; plant 30-70cm tall
E. nigricans (NSW VIC SA QLD)
E. arenicola
Glumes 3.0-5.6mm long; panicle 1.5-2.5cm
wide, ovate or pyramidal; plant 50-110cm tall
E. robustissimus (NT SA WA QLD)
E. clelandii

Key to Enneapogon derived from Burbidge 1941; Kakudidi, Lazarides and
Carnahan 1988; Weiller & Lazarides 2005

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