1. Leaves mostly basal 2
Leaves produced uniformly up culm 4

2. Inflorescence spikes usually more than 9 in
number, spreading in more than one plane
E. acicularis (NSW VIC NT SA WA QLD)
Chloris acicularis, C. moorei
Inflorescence spikes up to 4 in number,
usually arranged in one plane

3. Spikes 1(-3); leaves filiform or if flat
then up to 1mm wide
E. unispiceus (QLD)
Chloris unispiceus
Spikes 3-4; leaves flat, more than 1.5mm wide E. paucispiceus (QLD)
Chloris unispiceus var. paucispiceus

4. Lemma of fertile floret more than 5mm long;
spikelets loosely overlapping
E. ramosus (NSW VIC NT SA WA QLD)
Chloris acicularis var. queenslandiae, E. acicularis form A
Lemma of fertile floret up to 5mm long;
spikelets tightly overlapping

5. Lemma of fertile floret 3-3.5mm long; spikes flaccid E. minutus (NT QLD)
Lemma of fertile floret 3.5-5mm long; spikes stiff E. dolichostachyus (NT WA QLD)

Key to Enteropogon derived from Lazarides 1972; Simon 1984a; Nightingale et al 2005

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