Upper glume and lower lemma drawn out to an arista 2 mm or more long A. aristispicula (QLD)
Upper glume and lower lemma acuminate or with an apical cusp to 0.3 mm long 2
Glumes with tubercle-based cilia A. clarksoniana (NT QLD)
Glumes glabrous 3



Glumes distinctly unequal, the upper longer A. deschampsioides (QLD)
Panicum deschampsiodes
Glumes ±equal 4
Spikelets 3.8-5.2 mm long A. brassiana var.  brassiana  (QLD)  
Spikelets 2-3.5 mm long A. brassiana var.  minutiflora  (QLD) 

Key to Arthragrostis derived from Lazarides 1985; Simon 1986b, 1992c, Simon 2010

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