1. Rachilla hairs 0.2-1 mm long;   callus narrowly triangular to triangular, usually distinctly hairy 2
Rachilla hairs less than 2 mm long; callus broadly triangular to triangular, glabrous or nearly so 3
2. Rachilla hairs short, not covering callus base

A. scabra (NSW QLD)

Agropyron scabrum

Rachilla hairs long and dense, covering callus base A. rectiseta (NSW VIC SA WA)
3. Glumes at least 7.7 mm long; mature caryopsis less than 55% palea length

A. plurinervis (NSW QLD)

Agropyron scabrum var. plurinerve

Glumes usually more than 7 mm long, mature mature caryopsis more than 55% palea length 4
4. Awn of lowest floret 2 -7.5 mm long; ratio of awn to lemma length 0.7-1.3 A. fertilis (NSW QLD)
Awn of lowest lemma 0-3 mm long; ratio of awn to lemma length 0.2-0.8 A. multiflora (NSW VIC SA WA)

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