1. Spikelets 4.3-5 mm long *A. aequalis (NSW VIC SA)
Spikelets 2.4-3 mm long 2

2. Glume margins united for up to 1/2 their length *A. myosuroides (NSW TAS SA WA QLD)
A. agrestis
Glume margins united only near base 3

3. Spikelets 2.5-3.3 mm long *A. geniculatus (NSW VIC TAS SA WA QLD)
A. australis
Spikelets 4-6 mm long *A. pratensis (NSW VIC TAS SA WA)

Key to Alopecurus derived from Willis 1970; Tutin 1980. See also Kodela, Weiller & Thompson 2009

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