1. Glumes  longer than lemmas and awned *D. retroflexa (QLD)
Glumes  shorter than lemmas and unawned 2
2. Inflorescence of more than 30 racemes 3
Inflorescence of less than 30 racemes 8
3. Spikelets 1-flowered D. neesii (NT WA QLD)
Leptochloa neesii, L. brownii
Spikelets 2-4-flowered 4
4. Leaf sheaths lacking tubercle-based pilose hairs

 D. ligulata (QLD)

Leptochloa ligulata

Leaf sheaths with tubercle-based pilose hairs 5
5. Callus apex with long-sericeous to arachnose hairs

 D. simoniana (QLD)

Leptochloa simoniana

Callus apex glabrous 6
6. Plants more than 100cm tall; hairs on leaf sheath occurring throughout the sheath

D. southwoodii (QLD)

Leptochloa southwoodii

Plants less than 100cm tall; hairs on leaf sheath most dense near sheath apex 7 (D. panicea)
7. Lower lemma mostly more than 1.2 mm long *D. panicea subsp. brachiata (QLD)
Leptochloa panicea subsp. brachiata, L. mucronata, L. filiformis
Lower lemma mostly less than 1.2 mm long

D. panicea subsp. panicea (QLD)

Leptochloa panicea subsp. panicea

8. Racemes widely spreading and stiff

D. divaricatissima (NSW QLD)

Leptochloa divaricatissima

Racemes not widely spreading, nor stiff 9 (D. decipiens)
9. Leaves hairy; lemmas densely bearded on the margin

D. decipiens subsp. peacockii (QLD)

Leptochloa decipiens subs. peacockii

Leaves glabrous; lemmas shortly hairy on the margin 10
10. Racemes bearing spikelets to or almost to the base

D. decipiens subsp. decipiens (NSW QLD)

Leptochloa decipiens subsp. decipiens

Racemes naked near the base D. decipiens subsp. asthenes (NSW QLD)
Leptochloa decipiens subsp. asthenes, L. ciliolata, L. debilis

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