1. Spikelets 2 ranked in lower part
of inflorescence
*T. uniolae (VIC WA)

Plagiochloa uniolae
Spikelets arranged all round central axis 2

2. Plants annual; glumes and lemmas acuminate to awned *T. echinatum (WA)

Lasiochloa echinata
Plants perennial; glumes and lemmas acute 3

3. Hairs on lemma club-shaped *T. acutiflorum (VIC SA)

Desmazeria acutiflora, Plagiochloa acutiflora
Hairs on lemma not club-shaped *T. obliterum (SA VIC WA)

Key to Tribolium derived from Renvoize 1985; Linder and Davidse

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