1. Some involucral spikelets a little above others 2
Involucral spikelets all at same level 3

2. Involucral spikelets to 10 mm long, with golden tubercle-based hairs T. intermedia (QLD)
Involucral spikelets 19-28 mm long, glabrous T. avenacea (NSW VIC NT SA WA QLD)

3. Fertile spikelet with an
awn 7-9 cm long and a pungent callus 3-4 mm long
T. arguens (NT WA QLD)

T. frondosa
Fertile spikelet with an awn less than 7 cm long and a callus 1-3 mm long 4

4. Perennial; involucral spikelets 8-14 mm long; sessile spikelets 6-11mm long T. triandra (NSW VIC TAS NT SA WA QLD)

T. australis
Annual; involucral spikelets 4-7 mm long; sessile spikelets 4-5mm long *T. quadrivalvis (NSW NT WA QLD)

Key to Themeda derived from Blake 1969; Henty 1969; Simon 1985

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