1. Lower glume 5-nerved in lower half on back 2
Lower glume 3-nerved in lower half on back 4

2. Spikelets 5.5-6.5 mm long N. minor (WA)
Spikelets 8-13 mm long 3

3. Upper floret 8-8.5 mm long; leaf-sheaths densely woolly outside N. lanigera (SA WA)
Upper floret 5-6.4 mm long; leaf-sheaths not woolly outside N. alopecuroidea (VIC SA WA)

4. Spikelets 7-11 mm long; culm-nodes glabrous N. tenuifolia (NT QLD)
Spikelets 5-7 mm long; culm-nodes hairy 5

5. Inflorescence tightly clustered; lower glume drawn out to a fine point N. queenslandica (QLD)
Inflorescence loosely clustered; lower glume blunt to acute N. munroi (NSW NT SA WA QLD)
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