1. Lemma summit without a corona 2
Lemma summit forming a corona 3

2. Awn 2-3.5 cm long; floret 1.5-2 mm long *N. trichotoma (NSW VIC TAS)

Stipa trichotoma
Awn 4.5-9 cm long; floret 2-3 mm long *N. tenuissima (NSW)

3. Floret c. 4 mm long; awn 35-40 mm long *N. hyalina (NSW VIC)
Floret 5.5-10 mm long; awn 45-85 mm long 4

4. Corona up to 7 mm long *N. charruana (VIC)
Corona up to 2.5 mm long 5

5. Corona 1.5-2.5 mm long with upper part ciliate *N. leucotricha (VIC)
Corona 0.5-1.5 mm long with upper part spiny 6

6. Lower glume 8-10 mm long; floret 5.5-6 mm long *N. megapotamia (NSW)
Lower glume 14-18 mm long; floret 6-10 mm long *N. neesiana (NSW VIC QLD)
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