1. Pedicels free from rachis M. rottboellioides (NT WA QLD)
Coelorachis rottboellioides
Pedicels fused to rachis 2

2. Spikes compressed; lower glume of sessile spikelet with ornate sculpturing 3
Spikes cylindrical; lower glume of sessile spikelet smooth 4

3. Sessile spikelet 4.5-5.5 mm long, obovate M. annua (WA)
Heteropholis annua
Sessile spikelet c. 1 mm long, globose M. granularis (NT WA QLD)
Hackelochloa granularis

4. Apex of rachis joint with a fringe of hairs; sessile spikelet c. 3 mm long; pedicelled spikelet reduced to twisted membranous glumes M. formosa (NT WA QLD)
Rottboellia formosa
Apex of rachis not fringed with hairs; sessile spikelet c. 4 mm long; pedicelled spikelet very rudimentary, glumes not membranous M. pilosa (QLD)

Key to Mnesithea derived from Veldkamp, de Koning and Sosef 1986; Simon

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