Spikelets covered with  rufous hairs  2
 Spikelets glabrous or with white hairs 3

2. Peduncles glabrous or pubescent; racemes not deflexed *H. rufa subsp. rufa (QLD)
Peduncles bearded with tubercle-based hairs; racemes sometimes deflexed on maturity *H. rufa subsp. altissima (NSW QLD)

3. Upper raceme with 2 similar awnless sessile spikelet pairs at base H. filipendula (NSW QLD)

H. filipendula var. pilosa
Upper raceme with or without 1 awnless sessile spikelet pair at base   4
4. Plant to 60 cm tall (rarely to 1 m); spikelet with villous hairs c.1.5 mm long
  *H. hirta (NSW VIC NT SA WA QLD)

H. quarrei
Plants to 3  m tall; spikelets with scattered hairs to 0.5 mm long
 *H. sp. 
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