1. Upper floret yellow to brown; stipe appendages stiff and hard; perennial Y. websteri (QLD)
Upper floret pale; stipe appendages soft and flexible; annuals 2

2. Inflorescence mostly overtopped by subtending leaves 3
Inflorescence exserted above subtending leaves 5

3. Spikelets 4.7-5.25 mm long Y. muelleri (NT WA QLD)

Ichnanthus muelleri, Panicum muelleri
Spikelets 3-4.5 mm long 4

4. Primary branches appressed to main axis Y. australiensis var. australiensis (NT SA WA QLD)

Ichnanthus australiensis, Panicum australiense
Primary branches exserted and spreading Y. australiensis var. intermedia (NT WA QLD)

5. Spikelets 5.5-7 mm long Y. majuscula (NT WA QLD)

Ichnanthus muelleri, Panicum majusculum
Spikelets 4-5 mm long 6

6. Appendages developed at base of fertile floret Y. pauciflora (NT WA QLD)

Ichnanthus pauciflorus, Panicum pauciflorum
Appendages absent Y. nulla (NT)

Key to Yakirra derived from Lazarides and Webster 1984; Webster
1987; Simon 1992c

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