1. Inflorescence racemose; spikelets on pedicels up to 6mm long 2
Inflorescence paniculate; spikelets on pedicels up to 30mm long 4

2. Spikelets hairy on at least upper glume W. semitonsa (NT QLD)
Spikelets glabrous 3

3. Perennial W. airoides (NT WA QLD)

Panicum airoides
Annual W. cymbiformis (NT WA)

Panicum cymbiforme

4. Spikelets glabrous W. capillipes (NT WA QLD)

Panicum capillipes
Spikelets hairy 5

5. Upper glume 5-nerved; lower glume c. 1.5mm long W. biciliata (WA)
Upper glume 7-nerved; lower glume c. 1mm long W. multiciliata (NT)

Key to Whiteochloa derived from Lazarides 1978; Webster 1987

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