1. Pedicelled spikelet absent or reduced to a minute rudiment S. angustum (NT QLD)

Sorghum angustum
Pedicelled spikelet well developed 2

2. Annuals 3
Perennials 4

3. Caryopsis apex with a tuft of hairs
S. intrans (NT WA)

Sorghum intrans, S. extans
Caryopsis apex glabrous S. timorense (NT WA QLD)

Sorghum timorense, S. australiense, S. amplum, S. brachypodum, S.
S. ecarinatum, S. matarankense, S. stipoideum

4. Awns of sessile spikelet 0-0.25 cm long S. leiocladum (NSW VIC QLD)

Sorghum leiocladum
Awns of sessile spikelet 3.5-9 cm long S. plumosum (NT WA QLD)

Sorghum interjectum, S. plumosum var. teretefolium, S.

Key to Sarga derived from Spangler

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