1. Spikelets always paired on each rachis internode L. geminatus (NT QLD)
Spikelets solitary on each rachis internode 2

2. Joints 4.5-5 mm long; glumes acutely pointed

L. repens  (NT WA QLD)

L. repens subsp. stoddartii

Joints less than 3.5 mm long; glumes awned 3

3. Spikes mainly among foliage, stiff L. copeanus (QLD NT)
Spikes projected above foliage, flexuous 4

4. Spikelet more than 1mm wide; semi-erect grass with leaf blades to 5 cm long L. xerophilus (WA QLD)
Spikelet less than 1mm wide; decumbent grass with leaf blades less than 1 cm long L. minutus (QLD)

Key to Lepturus derived from Hubbard 1934; Fosberg 1988; Nightingale et al 2005

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