1. Leaves terete and tightly rolled 2
Leaves broad, flat or loosely rolled 4

2. Plants rhizomatous F. rubra (NSW VIC TAS SA WA)
Plants tufted 3

3. Leaves very scabrous F. asperula (NSW VIC TAS)
F. diuruscula auct.
Leaves smooth *F. nigrescens (NSW TAS WA)
F. rubra var. commutata

4. Culms scabrous 5
Culms smooth 6

5. Lemmas unawned F. muelleri (NSW VIC)
Lemmas shortly awned F. plebeia (NSW TAS)

6. Lemmas with an awn 5-15 mm long F. benthamiana (SA)
Lemmas ±awnless 7

7. Inflorescence branches with 1-6 spikelets; auricles glabrous *F. pratensis (NSW SA WA)
F. elatior subsp. pratensis
Inflorescence branches with 5-15 spikelets; auricles minutely hairy *F. arundinacea (NSW VIC TAS SA WA QLD)
F. elatior subsp. arundinacea, ? F. archeri

Key to Festuca derived from Vickery 1939; Alexeev 1987

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