Spikelets usually 1.35–1.5 mm long. Panicle usually effuse and open,

20–50 × 6–30 cm.

C. accrescens (QLD)

Spikelets longer than 1.5 mm long. Panicle open to contracted,

3-18 x 0.8-3 cm

2. Spikelets with tubercle-based hairs C. capitis-york (QLD)
Spikelets glabrous 3



Upper glume shorter than the spikelet, 5-nerved C. patens (QLD)
Upper glume as long as the spikelet, 3-nerved 4
Panicle  usually with many spikelets, branches usually pilose, at least below the spikelet C. oxyphyllum (QLD)
Panicle usually with few spikelets, branches glabrous. C. trigonum (QLD)

Key to Cyrtococcum derived from Webster 1987, Simon 1992c, Simon 2010, Veldkamp ms.

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