1. Awned lemmas bilobed 2
Awned lemmas entire 4

2. Rachis internodes c. 7 mm long B. bunyensis (QLD)
Rachis internodes c. 5 mm long 3

3. Raceme hairs densely silky, up to 8 mm long B. erianthoides (NSW QLD)
Raceme hairs slightly silky, up to 5 mm long B. biloba (NSW QLD)

4. Pedicelled spikelets ±similar to sessile spikelets 5
Pedicelled spikelets very different to sessile spikelets 9

5. Racemes not subdigitate; on a main axis 4-14 cm long 6
Racemes subdigitate; on a main axis less than 4 cm long 7

6. Sessile spikelets c. 4 mm long, not or vary rarely pitted B. bladhii subsp. bladhii (NSW NT SA WA QLD)
B. intermedia
Sessile spikelets c. 3.5 mm long, sessile or pedicelled spikelet always pitted *B. bladhii subsp. glabra (NSW QLD)
B. glabra

7. Leaf blades with a distinctive white marginal band; spikelets not or very rarely pitted B. ewartiana (NSW NT SA WA QLD)
Leaf blades without distinctive white marginal band; spikelets always pitted 8

8. Sessile spikelets 4-5 mm long, glabrous to slightly hairy in basal part *B. insculpta (QLD)
Sessile spikelets 3.5-4 mm long with white hairs in basal part *B. pertusa (QLD)

9. Sessile spikelets 5-7mm long; stamens 3 B. macra (NSW VIC TAS SA QLD)
B. ambigua
Sessile spikelets 4.75-5.25 mm long; stamens 1 10

10. Slender plants to 1 m tall B. decipiens var. decipiens (NSW QLD)
Robust plants 1-2 m tall B. decipiens var. cloncurrensis (NT QLD)

Key to Bothriochloa derived from Blake 1944b; Simon 1982b, 1989b

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