1. Lemma of lowest floret with a short apical
hook-like bristle
*C. pilosa (NT)
Lemma of lowest floret awned 2

2. Spikelet blunt at apex 3
Spikelet narrowed to pointed at apex 8

3. Lowest floret lemma hairy on lower
Lowest floret lemma glabrous on margin 6

4. Awns much longer than spikelets *C. virgata (NSW VIC NT SA WA
Awns shorter to slightly longer than

5. Inflorescence spikes to 6cm long; marginal
hairs of lemma projecting prominently
*C. ciliata (QLD)
Inflorescence spikes more than 8cm long;
marginal hairs of lemma adpressed to margins
*C. gayana (NSW VIC NT SA WA

6. Spikelet 3-awned *C. inflata (NT SA WA QLD)
C. barbata auct.
Spikelet 2-awned 7

7. Lemma of lowest floret overlapping second
floret, hiding it from view
C. ventricosa (NSW VIC SA QLD)
Lemma of lowest floret not overlapping
second floret, which is clearly visible
C. truncata (NSW VIC NT SA WA QLD)

8. Lemma 1-awned 9
Lemma 3-awned 11

9. Tufted annual; spikes 4-7cm long C. pectinata (NSW NT SA WA QLD)
Stoloniferous or decumbent perennial;
spikes 8-20cm long

10. Spikelet-bearing axes 3-6, rigid C. divaricata var. cynodontoides (QLD)
C. cynodontoides
Spikelet bearing axes 5-8, flaccid C. divaricata var. divaricata (NSW NT QLD)

11. Lemma awns subequal, the central slightly
C.  obata (NT WA QLD)
Lemma awns very unequal C. pumilio (NT WA QLD)
C. ruderalis
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