Spinifex hirsutus

Spinifex hirsutus Labill. Nov. Holl. Pl. 2: 81, t. 230, 231 (1806–1807).

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily Panicoideae. Paniceae.

Type of Basionym or
Protologue Information
: LT: Labillardiere s.n., Australia: Esperance
Bay (FI). LT designated by Craig, Nuytsia 5: 70 (1984).

Key references
(books and floras):
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), [1878] G.Bentham, Flora Australiensis 7 (503), [1952]
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Perennial. Stolons present. Culms 30–90 cm tall, woody. Mid-culm nodes glabrous.
Leaf-sheaths hairy. Ligule a fringe of hairs, 1.8–7 mm long. Leaf-blades flat
or involute, 20–40 cm long, 5–17 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface indumented.

Inflorescence digitate, with racemose branches. Racemes 1, radiating, 7–15(–19)
cm long.

Spikelets sessile. Male spikelets sessile. Fertile spikelets 2-flowered, the
lower floret barren (rarely male), the upper fertile, comprising 1 basal
sterile florets, comprising 1 fertile floret(s), without rachilla extension,
lanceolate, dorsally compressed, 12–18 mm long.

Glumes similar, firmer than fertile lemma. Lower glume lanceolate, chartaceous,
without keels, 7–9 -nerved. Lower glume surface glabrous or indumented. Upper
glume lanceolate, 12–20 mm long, chartaceous, without keels, 7–9 -nerved. Upper
glume surface glabrous or indumented. Florets. Basal sterile florets 1,
barren, without significant palea. Lemma of lower sterile floret 100 % of
length of spikelet, chartaceous, 5–9 -nerved. Fertile florets female.

Fertile lemma 11–15 mm
long, without keel.

: Australasia.

: Western Australia, South Australia.

Western Australia:
Irwin, Drummond, Warren, Eyre, Coolgardie. South Australia: Nullabor,
Eyre Peninsula.

Size of the culms and leaf blades distinguish S.hirsutus from S.
, however, further collections from southern S.A. may show that
these intergrade.

 The male inflorescence is a raceme of c. 20

In SW and southern
coastal areas of W.A., extending across the Nullabor to the Eyre Penin., S.A.
In temperate heaths, mallee heaths, temperate wet sclerophyll forests, dry
sclerophyll forests, shrub steppe shrublands, and eucalypt shrublands. Flowers


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