Avellinia michelii*

Avellinia michelii*
(Savi) Parl. Pl. Nov. 61 (1842).

Classification. (GPWG 2001) : Subfamily Pooideae.
Tribe Poeae.

Basionym and/or
Replacement Name:
 Bromus michelii
Savi, Bot. Etr. 1: 78 (1808).

Key references
(books and floras):
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Habit. Annual.
Culms erect or geniculately ascending, stature slender to delicate, 6–30 cm
tall. Mid-culm internodes pubescent. Leaf-sheaths hairy. Ligule an eciliate
membrane, 0.4–1 mm long, truncate. Leaf-blades 10–20(–50) cm long, 0.6–1 mm
wide. Leaf-blade surface indumented.

Inflorescence compound, a panicle. Panicle lanceolate, 2–7 cm long.

Spikelets. Spikelets
pedicelled. Fertile spikelets 1 or more flowered, with 1 fertile floret (2–4),
comprising 2–4 fertile floret(s), with a barren rachilla extension, oblong or
cuneate, laterally compressed, 3–5.1 mm long.

Glumes. Glumes
dissimilar, shiny. Lower glume linear, membranous, keeled, 1-keeled, 1 -nerved.
Upper glume elliptic, 3–5.1 mm long, membranous, keeled, 1-keeled, 3 -nerved.

Fertile lemma 3–5 mm long, without keel, 3–5 -nerved. Lemma apex entire or
dentate, awned, 1 -awned. Median (principal) awn from a sinus, 1–2 mm long
overall. Lodicules present. Anthers 3.

: Europe, Africa, Temperate Asia, and Australasia.

: Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria.

Western Australia:
Irwin, Drummond, Dale, Menzies, Warren, Eyre. South Australia: Flinders
Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, Northern Lofty, Murray, Yorke Peninsula, Southern
Lofty, Kangaroo Island, South-eastern. Victoria: Eastern Highlands,
Gippsland Plain, Grampians, Lowan Mallee, Midlands, Murray Mallee, Otway Range,
Wilsons Promontory, Volcanic Plain, Wannon, Wimmera.

Notes. Lemma is 5-veined
(not 1–3), apex is entire, and awn does not arise from a sinus as described for

Vic. and S.A. Occasional weed of
sandy soils; dry sites, on sand in heath, mallee and dunes. Flowers Sept.-Nov.


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