Arthragrostis brassiana var. minutiflora

Arthragrostis brassiana var. minutiflora
B.K. Simon. Austrobaileya 9: 188 (2010).

Typus: Queensland. Cook District: Lockerbie, 10 miles [16 km] W of Somerset, 4 May 1948, L.J.Brass 18637 (holo: BRI; iso: A).

Inflorescence 20–35 cm long. Spikelets 2–3 mm long, 0.6–0.8 mm wide. Lower glume 2.1–2.4 mm long, lanceolate, 3-nerved. Upper glume c. 2 mm long, lanceolate, 5-nerved. Lower floret; lemma c. 2 mm long. Palea vestigial (c. 0.3 mm long). Upper floret: lemma 1.3–1.4 mm long, decidedly firmer than glumes, coriaceous, smooth, oblong.
Additional specimens examined: Queensland. Cook District: Portland Roads, Jun 1942, Brass 19007 (A, BRI); Lockerbie, 10 miles [16 km] W of Somerset, Apr 1948, Brass 18430 (A, BRI).

Distribution and habitat: This variety is restricted to northern Cape York peninsula in open forest and rainforest margins

Phenology: Flowering April to June.

: Queensland.

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